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Smart medical trolley for the supply of medicine

With Mediclaudo's smart medical trolley, the hospital's medicine logistics can be automated and tracked. With the smart medical trolley, the medicine can be transferred from pharmacies to the patient in a controlled manner. Using the medical trolley always leaves a digital print. It can be integrated into the RFID function of ID cards, for example. The medicine trolley is suitable for use with automatic transport robots.


Mediclaudon sairaalakalusteet - turvallinen ja tehokas sairaalalogistiikka ja lääkejakelu

Infusion fluid trolleys

Mediclaudo's custom infusion fluid trolleys are made of stainless steel and are equipped with the highest quality slider rails on the market. The trolleys can be connected, and they are available compatible with forklifts. Our product range also includes protective trolley covers made in Finland.

Mediclaudo's infusion fluid trolleys are manufactured by Ilmajoen Teräsputkikaluste Oy with long workmanship and experience.


Other logistics products

In addition, we provide other logistics products for hospital use, from trolleys to different waste collection products.

Waste collection products

Mediclaudo's product range includes Finnish, all-stainless steel waste collection products, including trash bag racks and frames.

Other special equipment

We manufacture stainless steel equipment for outdoor and indoor use according to your wishes, with extensive experience and domesticity in mind. Contact us, and we will customise the products according to your company's needs.