Mediclaudo tuo turvallisuutta ja tehokkuutta sairaaloiden lääkejakeluun

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Mediclaudo is growing and going international. Join us to build the future of medicine distribution!


1. Developing Mediclaudo solution to the proof of concept phase together with customers

2. Development of software for patient and relatives to monitor medicine distribution

3. Development of CE mark for medical devices

4. Design and development of our business model

5. Planning the growth to international market

6. Recruitment and building the team

Mediclaudo Oy is a domestic growth company that develops digital pharmaceutical distribution solutions for hospitals and nursing homes. At the heart of our growing business is the digitalization of the medicine distribution, developing new software businesses related to it, conceptualization and international growth.

Medication errors are a major problem worldwide. The information system and equipment developed by Mediclaudo aims to monitor the route of a medicine from the pharmacy to its correct place of use, all the way to the patient. The goal of our business is to provide a seamless medicine delivery process from pharmacy to the patient, including both software and hardware solutions for this need.

We aim for a significant share of the pharmaceutical distribution automation market. According to the company's estimate, investments related to the automation of pharmaceutical care account for 1–2% of hospital renovation budgets internationally.

In 2022, we collected around 500,000 euros in funding, which includes a Business Finland project worth 280,000 euros awarded to Mediclaudo for the period 01.09.2022 – 30.10.2023. The project creates possibilities for the internationalization of the company's business and accelerates Mediclaudo's product development significantly. During the project period, joint development and pilot experiments are carried out with selected Finnish and international customers.

The next funding round will be opened during 2023. If you are interested in discussing investing in Mediclaudo, please contact us!

Jussi Eväsoja
+358 44 012 6990

Development of the company's turnover and growth prospects

The company has great and growing market potential. Existing customers, already achieved key customers and internationalization create a good foundation for the future revenue target.

Over the past two financial years, the company has focused on developing Mediclaudo solutions together with pilot customers.

Net sales in 2021 were EUR 36,024.50, which is generated from piloting Mediclaudo solutions with customers. In 2020, net sales were EUR 13,710.00. The result for the financial year 2021 was EUR 2,110.76 and in 2020 EUR 1,350.63. The company's financial statements are attached in Fundu portal.

With the funding raised in the emissions, we will be able to lead the Mediclaudo solution into the proof of concept phase with our customers, after which we can move from selling customer pilots to selling ready-made solutions. Net sales are expected to grow to approximately EUR 200,000.00 in 2023 and to continue to grow to more than EUR 8,100,000.00 by 2028.

The pharmaceutical distribution market will develop and grow significantly globally in the coming years. We have identified substantial interest in Mediclaudo’s medicine distribution solutions and are aiming for rapid revenue growth. Significant revenue growth can be achieved through scalable Mediclaudo software, the construction of resale channels and the licensing of Mediclaudo software.

Purpose of the funds raised through the emission

Our goal is to apply for a Business Finland product development loan for the development of Mediclaudo's solutions. The financing collected in the emissions is planned to be utilized as the self-financing part of the product development loan, in which case we aim to at least double the financing with Business Finland's loan financing. The potential loan financing will not affect the number of shares, but is intended to enable the strong development of operational activities.

The next round of financing will be opened during the year 2023, when we will apply for a total financing of several million euros to enter the market, launch the product and develop scalable sales. The goal is for the company's valuation to be 3-5 times the current valuation at that time.

Exit scenarios

The possibility of taking an exit within 5-10 years is great. There are typically a large number of acquisitions in the industry and purchase prices are significant. The company's management, Board of Directors and major shareholders have strong expertise and experience in previous acquisitions. Possible exit scenarios could be, for example, a listing on a stock exchange or a sale to a large company whose strategy is being expanded to the field of health technology or whose current operations bring synergies or other benefits to Mediclaudo's expertise and products.