Mediclaudo tuo turvallisuutta ja tehokkuutta sairaaloiden lääkejakeluun

Customized software and hardware solutions

In addition to medical distribution, the Mediclaudo platform can be applied to other logistics and smart storage systems

At the core of Mediclaudo's operations are digital distribution solutions. We develop smart medicine distribution solutions for hospitals and nursing homes, utilizing digitization. The focus of our business is to provide a seamless drug distribution process from the pharmacy to the patient, including both software and hardware solutions for this need.

The functionality of the smart medication trolley and other Mediclaudo products is based on the Mediclaudo Platform we developed. In addition to drug distribution, the platform can be applied to other logistics and intelligent storage systems, tailored according to customer needs.

Mediclaudo platform

Mediclaudo platform is a smart solution that can be customized for various fixed and mobile logistics and storage systems equipped with electronic locks.


user identification, tracking and registration of user events


safe and smart application that can be used without installation

Remote controlled

user management via the internet, as well as the possibility for emergency opening


unlimited number of applications, even in other manufacturers' hospital equipment

Innovative applications of the Mediclaudo Platform