Mediclaudo tuo turvallisuutta ja tehokkuutta sairaaloiden lääkejakeluun

Safety and efficacy to hospital medicine distribution

Our smart medicine trolley creates an uninterrupted digital pharmaceutical supply chain that increases patient safety and the efficiency of nursing

"Approximately 40% of incidents endangering patient safety reported in Finnish hospitals are related to medication errors"

Lääkkölä & Poutanen 2015, Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District Safety Report

Mediclaudo Oy is a domestic growth company that develops medicine distribution solutions for hospitals and nursing homes. At the heart of our growing business is the digitalization of pharmaceutical distribution. We have developed a smart medicine trolley that improves the safety and cost-effectiveness of medicine distribution.

"Safe, automated and trackable medicine distribution improves operations, prevents humane mistakes and ensures cost savings"

Medicine wastage and medication errors are a major problem worldwide. With the help pof the Mediclaudo smart medicine trolley, it is possible to make the medicine distribution process more efficient, increase the safety of medicine distribution and reduce medicine waste.

With Mediclaudo's innovative products you can bring safety, efficiency and traceability to the entire drug distribution chain

Timeliness of medicine distribution

Traceability and monitoring of medicine distribution

Safety of medicine distribution

Cost-efficiency of medicine distribution

Traceability of medicine distribution chain

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