Mediclaudo - turvallinen ja tehokas sairaalalogistiikka ja lääkejakelu

Mediclaudo revolutionises hospital logistics and supply of medicine

Mediclaudo's smart hospital equipment provides safety and efficiency for hospital logistics and medicine distribution.

"Automated medicine distribution in hospitals frees up resources for nurses and reduces medicine losses"

Mediclaudo älyrullakko - turvallinen ja tehokas sairaalalogistiikka ja lääkejakelu

The smart medicine trolley is Mediclaudo's first commercialised product, which automates hospital logistics. The smart medicine trolley upgrades hospitals' medicine logistics, improving the safety and efficiency of medicine supply through automation and traceability.

With the smart medicine trolley, transferring medicine from pharmacies to wards and patients is controlled. The medicine is delivered in a locked trolley, which is tracked by digital fingerprints. Medicines can only be handled by those who have the necessary authority.

Mediclaudo's smart medicine trolley can be integrated into the RFID functionality of ID cards, and its user events are recorded in a digital log. The medicine trolley is suitable for use with automatic transport robots. Mediclaudo's smart medicine trolley is designed together with the client and tested in a hospital environment.

"Safe, automated and trackable medicine distribution and hospital logistics improve operations, prevent humane mistakes and ensure cost savings"

Timeliness of medicine distribution

Right medicine in the right place, at the right time

Traceability and monitoring of medicine distribution

Documentation, identification, and historical data of distribution events

Safety of medicine distribution

Transferring medicine from pharmacies to wards and patients is controlled

Cost-efficiency of medicine distribution

Minimising medicine loss and automation of distribution with robotics

Traceability of medicine distribution chain

Integration of the smart trolley into hospital systems

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