Mediclaudon tiimiin neljä neuvonantajaa
New advisors to the Mediclaudo team
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We are pleased to announce that Mediclaudo team has been complemented by four professionals who will advise the company, supporting the board and owners in developing Mediclaudo’s business. This awesome quartet brings to the team special expertise and a broad vision of international trade, digital marketing, strategic management, and software development.

Juha Lahtinen is the CEO of the international consulting house Export Maker. Export Maker has local team members in more than 20 markets globally. Juha has extensive experience in the technology industry and international trade, especially in the B-to-B and MidCap sectors. Personally, Juha has done export sales to more than 60 countries, building and developing dealer networks and customer relationships in Europe, America and Asia. In addition to Finland, Juha has lived in Sweden and Indonesia.

Minttu Lampinen holds a PhD in Economics and has studied in Stanford and Oxford top universities. Her core competencies are in digital marketing management. More than 20 years of work experience with a total of 250 customer companies has provided her a broad view of how to grow a sustainable business from innovation.

Josu Takala is a professor of Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Vaasa. He has exceptionally strong expertise of academic research and international cooperation with universities, research institutes and companies. Takala has worked as the founder, advisor and management consultant of several companies. His core competencies are corporate operations strategies and strategic decision making.

Henrik Salmela is a software developer whose strongest expertise is in developing new innovations and software from idea to scalable software. Salmela has been an entrepreneur in software, marketing and media companies for many years. His strength is the development of challenging and complex software packages.

Welcome to the team Juha, Minttu, Josu and Henrik!

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